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Technology Unity
Our 50 years of maritime experience and sector knowledge have combined with our 30 years of production experience.
Integrated/technological approaches in composite production.
Otostech manages all the integrated operations from design to the product in composite production. It evaluates customer expectations and lean manufacturing principles from material selection to operational characteristics and produces high quality at an affordable price.
Composite Production
Otostech is a composite producer. Carbon or fiber glass are used in the products depending on customer preferences and part specifications. In addition, epoxy, vynilester and polyester are used as resin. According to part specifications, a post-cure is implemented.
Production Method
Production takes place using RTM, L-RTM, Silicone Membrane and Vacuum Bag technologies. We transfer all our composite information to our customers for lighter and more durable boats.
For our production operations, we give a priority to machine production. All of our Gelcoat operations are performed with the MVP Airless Gun. Furthermore, the RTM, L-RTM, Silicone Membrane and Vacuum Bag operations are performed with the MVP Injection Machine.
We have combined our 50 years of maritime experience and industry knowledge with our 30 years of production experience. Otostech is managed by a team who are each experts in their fields. We use the value-added effect of the harmony between the different disciplines in all of our processes.

We are keenly aware of our responsibility to all the people and institutions we have worked with since our establishment. We believe in continuous development and improvement. Believing that being better will only come via working together and working harder, Otostech is trying to create the common denominator between customers, producers and suppliers.
We create added value through our years of experience in design/ production/ innovation and quality in the composite sector.

  • Experience
  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Constantly developing quality standards
  • Sustainability
  • Zero-Defect production with a one-piece flow production system
Advanced technological machines are used in our production processes. The Gelcoat Process takes place in a fully air-conditioned environment with the Airless Gun. Production processes with the latest technology RTM, L-RTM, Silicone Membrane, Vacuum Bag operations occur in a temperature controlled area with air temperature adjustment and air ventilation systems.
Our production facility suitable for serial production is located in Istanbul Turkey in a 2,500m2 area. We have an annual production capacity of 350 boats. Material procurement can be made from established firms in Turkey or global firms according to customer demands.
Process Technology-LEAN
Otostech implements lean production for the sectors it serves to reduce costs, increase efficiency and meet customer expectations. It carries out its activities with a team of experts in industrialization and lean production techniques in the composite sector.
Creative technology
Otostech has a multi disciplinary structure. Metal, wood and composite structure can be used within eachother. We have experience in the composite, automotive, defense, aircraft and armored composites sectors.
We regularly monitor all developments in the composite sector and affiliated sectors and quickly implement new developments in all of our projects, thus yielding the most benefits for our customers.
Otostech's production approach: To achieve the most production at the same quality and standard per unit of time.
Otostech’s most important value is its founders’ years of production experience in various sectors. In addition, with the VSM (Value Stream Mapping) experience, costs are continously improving.
With One Piece Flow, production losses are reduced and delivery is made in a shorter amount of time
We cooperate with our customers to ensure higher quality production at lower costs.
We rapidly transfer composite sector developments to our production and customers.
In the customer, producer, procurer triangle, we find the most appropriate solutions with the win-win principle.
We produce serial, error-free, high quality products in our facilities. Our goal is to produce error-free products at one go with our process and quality control activities at every step of the production process.
Control of all of our operations for error-free production and KAIZEN continuously improve our product quality.
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